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Forced Check-In Option#106

As discussed during Nathan’s “Office Hours” Zoom meeting today, I was wondering if there is a way to “force” a check-in? I do have permission set to “Always Allow” location access in iOS and I often get a pop-up reminder to check in when I am on the road. However, it usually occurs when I am am driving my class A motorhome and I would prefer to do it once I’m at my actual destination. I guess it should update my location automatically when I finally stop but I would love to have the option to force a check-in event once settled.

Anyway - keep up the great work and thank you!

a year ago

Hi Bill! I’m going to get my developer in on this. So just to verify, the location setting for the app is not set to “While Using”. It is set to “Always allow”. She said even if it is “While Using” it will still ask for manual checkins. But like mentioned, if it’s “Always Allow”, it should not be asking for check-ins.

a year ago

Correct. I will switch it up and try “While Using” for a bit and see if it will prompt for a manual check-in. I will be moving tomorrow and I will see what it does!

Thanks again for the prompt follow-up! Great to meet you yesterday!

a year ago

Actually, if you don’t care, leave it on “always allow”. And can you email me ( to let me know your Nomad Near Me email so my Dev can take a look at it and maybe have you try a few things. I may let her be in direct contact with you.

a year ago

Don’t want to hijack the thread, but I’m having a slightly different issue. I was always getting asked to check-in when I opened the app, I have the location permissions set to always. But around Sunday 6/18 it stopped prompting me to check-in. It does have proper location on the map and for finding others close by, but I am no longer getting my state badges. I’m on Android Google pixel 3A.

a year ago
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