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Add childfree option to the # of children list.#129

The current option is 0-3, however, it would be ideal if it was split up to be 0 and 1-3. Some of us childfree people are prefer to keep littles out of our camps. 😃 Thanks!

3 months ago

Hello! Thanks for the feedback! I think you’re referring to the child list in the profile information. This list is meant to be a list of age ranges for any children you have, not the number of children you have. So if you do not select any of these that would be the indication that you don’t have children. We have an option to search Nomads near you and filter by ‘Traveling with children’, but we don’t currently have one to filter by ‘Traveling without children’. We’ll take that into account for ideas for future improvements. Thank you!

3 months ago